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GeoWel Research

GeoWel Research undertakes research, training, monitoring and evaluation as well as business planning and program and project design for think-tanks, NGOs and companies. We cover a wide range of research subjects but focus on economic development, business and governance. Our team are based in Georgia but have conducted research in 12 countries.
Our research team integrates international expertise and local staff. This ensures nuanced local understanding while also garaunteeing cost-effective delivery of the highest possible quality product. Our research combines an understanding of existing research and government data with primary research including large-N surveys, focus groups, expert interviews as well as legislative, budgetary and value-chain analysis.

The overall research design, as well as the final research product, is always tightly focused and action-oriented, to help our clients design or modify their advocacy campaigns, projects, policies or products. 
Government and NGO Clients
CARE International, Caucasus Research Resource Centers, DfID, Every Child, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, GIZ (formerly GTZ), International Budget Partnership, IREX, IOM, KfW, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Soros Foundation, Transparency International, UNDP, UNICEF, World Vision, World Learning
Corporate Clients
BfC Georgia, Booze Allen Hamilton, Cardno Emerging Markets, Ergo, ORC International, Platinum Real Estate, Sun Capital Partners

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Sunday, 07 October 2012

The Political Make-Up of Georgian Dream

If we combine the majoritarian seats with the party list, we can now see the party-breakdown of the Georgian Dream Coalition. Also, as Government appointees have to resign their seats as MPs we can reflect on how the composition of the government might be affected by this list and vice-versa.


Tuesday, 02 October 2012

The power of the Prime Minister

Under the current system government appointments (of PM and Ministers) are supposed to result from a negotiation between the President and the Parliament. However, under the constitution the President can force his choices for PM and Ministers on the Parliament if he is determined to do so. The current political realities make this unlikely. However, this power imbalance mean that the new parliament will find it hard to ignore the President and, if the government is to move forward, conciliation and compromise will have to be the order of the day.


Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Majoritarian Bias in the Georgian Parliamentary Elections

In the 2008 Georgian Parliamentary election, Georgia’s Mixed Majoritarian System helped UNM to win 69 out of 73 majoritarian seats. As a result, with 59% of the national vote they got 79% of the seats in parliament. The opposition, by comparison, got 41% of the vote and only got 21% of the seats. Understanding exactly why this happened in 2008 can help one to understand how votes will convert into seats in 2012.



UNDP Georgia National Human Development Report (2008)

UNDP Georgia National Human Development Report (2008)

An overview and human development analysis into post-revolutionary reforms in the rule of law, economic development, poverty reduction, healthcare, education and the environment.

Comparative Analysis of Agriculture in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan (forthcoming)

Dr George Welton, as lead researcher and writer, working with research teams in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan is currently finalising a comparative analysis of the agricultural sector in the three countries.

Research Training of Georgian Ministry of Economy (2011-2012)

The underlying purpose of the research and analysis capacity building exercise, supported by GIZ, was to support the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (MoESD).

Food Security in the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan (2011)

The purpose of this project was to provide Oxfam a comparative briefing note on the five FSU countries where Oxfam continues to operate; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Tajikistan.